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GEVAG Trimmis

Plant portrait: GEVAG Trimmis / Switzerland
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

Client: KVA Trimmis through RVT
Location: Trimmis, Switzerland
Completion: September 2009
Type of Filter: 1 x Wet ESP 250 / 5,4 / 240

Special Features

The ENVIROTHERM Wet ESP was again chosen as most reliable technology for the removal of pollutants from the garbage incineration off-gas stream. The ESP is identical with the wet electrostatic precipitator unit 2, KVA Trimmis commissioned in the year 2005 and is situated directly above the scrubber. The ESP was pre-assembled on site to reduce the erection time and mounted on the scrubber as a total unit.

Scope of supply

Design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of the ESP including access platforms.

Process Conditions

Gas Flow (actual): 97.200 m³/h
Temperature: 66 °C
Inlet Dust Burden: 20 mg/m³ (STP, dry)
Dust to be collected: aerosols, salts and particulates
Guaranteed Emissions: ≤ 1,5 mg/m³ (STP, dry)
Number of tubes: 2 x 125 = 250
Length of tube bundle: 5400 mm