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Rotary kiln and combustion chamber for the incineration of hazardous waste

In many industrial sectors solid, pasty-like, liquid as well as gaseous residues are produced which require an additional treatment. A thermal kind of treatment is frequently chosen nowadays in those cases when the residues have a high calorific value allowing, thus, their use for the generation of energy. In this respect, the rotary kiln technology is mainly applied which, in conjunction with a downstream post-combustion chamber, heat recovery and appropriate flue gas cleaning procedures, provides a low-emission and, thus, an environmentally acceptable hazardous waste disposal option.

Another option for the disposal of particularly liquid or gaseous waste materials is suggested by incineration within a vertically or horizontally arranged combustion chamber. Downstream waste-heat boilers are designed to provide an optimum use of the heat from flue gas prior to its cleaning in accordance with highest standards and release into the atmosphere (the plant located in Izmit is described as an example in the References section). Currently, Envirotherm dealt with the revamp of a rotary kiln system in Siberia designed for the disposal of residues produced at a refinery facility.