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Bogie hearth kilns for specific applications

A bogie hearth kiln is applied to meet specific process requirements involving simple and failure-free operation of systems.

Under the conditions of an external heat supply by burners and a sufficient holding time waste is routed into the kiln in a batch-wise mode, thermally destroyed at high temperatures or brought to a state allowing a further reduction of pollutant contents by a treatment within the limits of the flue gas flow (post-combustion with downstream flue gas cleaning).

This way, pollutants will be removed from the flue gas flow, subsequently concentrated and disposed of in a safe way.

After leaving the bogie hearth kiln the burned out components (ash) will be cooled down and routed to disposal either.

This technology was successfully applied at three plants designed for the disposal of residues from chemical weapons destruction processes within the scope of German disarmament support rendered to Russia.