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Wet-type electrostatic precipitators

Due to raw gas saturation which normally takes place in upstream processes a liquid film is formed on the collecting electrodes under the influence of an electrical field. This liquid film runs down continuously with the separated dust particles being discharged as a suspension subsequently. Cleaning of the precipitators is ensured by the use of flushing nozzles to be put into operation after certain time intervals. Thus, no mechanical cleaning devices are needed.

The achievable dust contents in the cleaned gas amount to less than 1 mg/m³.

Envirotherm offers the entire range of wet-type electrostatic precipitators:

  • Horizontal wet-type electrostatic precipitators may enclose several collection zones and are suited for the cleaning of large-volume gas flows within the limits of one precipitator enclosure.
  • Vertical wet-type electrostatic precipitators, in most cases, are equipped with collecting electrodes shaped as honeycomb bundles and the gas generally flows from the bottom up. The modular configuration of these precipitators permits a cost-effective cleaning of large-volume gas flows. Vertical wet-type electrical precipitators may, for example, be also used in conjunction with desulfurization units as aerosol separators.
  • Condensation-type electrostatic precipitators are self-cleaning units within the limits of which dust is continuously running down the water-cooled collection electrodes within the limits of a condensate film.