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Dry-type electrostatic precipitators

Dust particles or drops contained in the gas flow collect a negative electrical charge from discharge electrodes connected to a high voltage (T/R) block. Under the influence of a strong electrical field the particles migrate to the grounded collecting electrodes where they adhere to the surface and get discharged. Regular cleaning of the electrodes is ensured by appropriate cleaning devices. Accumulated deposit layers fall or flow into bunkers or trays arranged beneath the collecting chamber. From this place, discharge and further transportation is carried out by mechanical or pneumatic devices and pumps respectively.

The raw gas flows through the gas distribution internals arranged within the conical inlet hood and is routed into the active separation section. In accordance with the required collection efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator the dust-laden gas flows through several sequentially arranged collection zones.

Cleaned gas contents of less than 10 mg/m³ will be reached.

Characteristic features of Envirotherm-designed horizontal dry-type electrostatic precipitators are:

  • Adaption of gas velocity and discharge electrodes to height and length changes within the electrostatic precipitator.
  • Optionally, top-rapping design with patent-registered collecting electrodes with nearly ideal electrical and mechanical features as well as rigid and unbreakable discharge electrodes may be provided.
  • Modular configuration designated to insure quick and easy assembly.
  • Minimization of the quantity of wear parts is given.
  • Maximum precipitation efficiency and maximum saving of energy of up to 90 % thanks to the application of precipitator voltage controllers based upon microprocessor technology. The self-optimizing variable pulse operation mode constitutes a special feature of these controllers.

On an optional basis, a superior-level control system will be installed designated to control and optimize the entire dedusting process and to yield energy saving effects simultaneously.

Amongst others, the above-mentioned features imply the following benefits for the customer:

  • Low investment costs.
  • Maximum precipitation efficiency (efficiency levels of more than 99,99 % can be achieved).
  • Highest levels of plant availability.
  • Short delivery and assembly times.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Minimization of operational costs.

Since, by now, more than 13,000 electrostatic precipitators based upon LURGI and Envirotherm technology have been manufactured, we are in a position to resort to the experience contained in one of the biggest manufacturer-owned data bases in the world.