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Clean Water

BAMAG LLC is ENVIROTHERM‘s subsidiary and covers the water sector. BAMAG LLC acts as a system provider for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and operation scope of service within the potable water and wastewater treatment market focusing medium-value projects.

BAMAG LLC‘s activities are mainly in the water and wastewater treatment business for the Middle East and North African market as one of the most important emerging future market with its new growing economies. Environmental issues and especially the water technologies are in absolut forefront of thinking, thus highlighting BAMAG with this special focus.

BAMAG LLC‘s is based on the strong BAMAG history of 118 years experience and over 1.600 plant references worldwide. BAMAG LLC contracted more than 150 water treatment facilities with a capacity of more than 5 Million m³/day in Egypt alone.

BAMAG LLC, Cairo / Egypt

  • Resident in the Egyptian market since 1922
  • More than 50 major orders
  • Independent EPC contractor
  • Drinking water treatment
    • Surface water
    • Groundwater
    • Desalination
  • Cleaning of municipal wastewater
    • Municipal wastewater
    • Mixed wastewater
  • Cleaning of industrial wastewater from:
    • Oilfields (water contaminated with oil)
    • Refineries
    • Chemical industry
    • Food industry
    • Paper industry
    • Metallurgical industry
    • Power plants
The history and philosophy of BAMAG LLC as well as its references and services can be found at their official site: