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The Emschergenossenschaft operates a two-line sewage sludge incineration plant with subsequent flue gas cleaning at the location of the Central Sludge Treatment Bottrop.

In parallel to the construction of a solar thermal sewage sludge drying system, the flue gas cleaning is renewed by a conditioned dry sorption with subsequent washing in order to be able to safely meet the high emission requirements.

In this pioneering project, ENVIROTHERM received the General Contractor order to plan, deliver, install and commission the modern, wastewater-free flue gas cleaning system (FGC) downstream of the existing electrostatic precipitators up to the chimney.

The core components of this system are the two fabric filters with ENVIROTHERM’s own technology, which ensure high availability at low operating costs.

The scope of supply also includes the upstream evaporation coolers, the downstream two-stage scrubbers, the ID fans, the common chimney and the entire storage and conveyance of the operating media like lime hydrate, activated coke and caustic soda.

Technical data:

Flue gas quantity: 27,800 Nm³/h (nominal, moist)
Flue gas temperature at inlet of FGC: 240 ° C

In December 2017, ENVIROTHERM GmbH was awarded a contract for the renewal of an existing flue gas treatment system within a waste incineration plant in Norway. The customer FREVAR KF in Frederikstad (90 km south of Oslo) operates a waste incineration plant with 2 lines. As part of the revamping, the existing flue gas cleaning system will be replaced by a semi-dry and waste-water free flue gas cleaning plant.

In order to increase the efficiency of the plant a high-temperature and a low-temperature heat exchanger are added to the existing water-steam cycle. The fabric filter represents the key component in such facilities. Therefore ENVIROTHERM uses its own technology – the very efficient Low Pressure Filter (LPPJFF), which offers significant advantages in terms of availability and operating costs compared to other solutions. The construction works will not impact the regular operation of the waste incineration plant. The “tie-in” within a standstill of 3 weeks, only will take place in October 2018; thereupon FREVAR KF will resume the operation of the renewed facility.

Order entry date: 12.12.2017

ArcelorMittal Asturias owns a Coke Plant in Asturias which was cold idled and was revamped and put back in operation. The existing facility used to work with 3 ETP’s which were not possible to reuse due to their bad condition. The ENVIROTHERM Electrostatic Tar Precipitator (ETP) was chosen as the best available technology to remove the tar content from coke oven gas with 99.95 % efficiency.

Client: ArcelorMittal Asturias
Location: Gijón, Spain
Order entry date: 12.06.2017
Completion: June 2018
Type of Contract: Turnkey, Fixed Price
Type of Filter: 2 x Tar ESP type 241 / 5500 / SW250

Scope of supply

Design, fabrication and supply of the filter and high-voltage control system as well as erection and commissioning supervision.

Process conditions

Gas Flow (actual): 60.000 m³/h
Temperature: 22 °C
Inlet Dust Burden: 20 g/m³ (STP, dry)
Dust to be collected: Tar
Guaranteed Emissions: ≤ 10 mg/m³ (STP, dry)
Length of honeycomb bundle: 5500 mm
Number of honeycombs: 2 x 241

A delegation of our South Korean co-operation partner Hansol SeenTec paid a visit to ENVIROTHERM to evaluate co-operation results reached so far. On this occasion, both CEOs agreed that the placement of orders comprising the delivery of six CFB steam generators within just two-year’s time marks an exceptionally great success. It was agreed to intensify the co-operation.

Megacities in China suffer from severe air pollution caused by smog and particulate matter. In this respect, ENVIROTHERM offers wet-type electrostatic precipitators designed to reduce this environmental burden. Thanks to this, the company succeeded in gaining respectable scores on the Chinese market.

Since mid-2014 licence agreements on this technology have been concluded with three Chinese partner companies. The Dongfang Boiler Group in Zigong City, the Shanghai Golden Construction Group and the General Electric Equipment Company in Nanjing belong to the circle of partners.

Since that time, our licensees have already managed to be awarded four contracts on wet-type electrostatic precipitators for power stations in the 300 and 600 MWel size ranges. After a short production and erection time, the first precipitator was commissioned in February 2015 already. A wet-type electrostatic precipitator for a 1000 MWel power station is currently being engineered and designed.

Support rendered by ENVIROTHERM to licensees encompasses comprehensive training procedures as well as assistance with systems design and commissioning.

The Danish energy provider DONG Energy Thermal Power A/S has awarded to ENVIROTHERM the order for the delivery of a flue gas treatment system for two new biomass fired boilers which will be installed in their Skærbæk power station close to Fredericia. The contract comprises the turnkey delivery of baghouse filters for both boilers, the installation and the commissioning of the system, which will ensure that the rigid emission values will be met.

The overall project is scheduled to go on stream in early 2017 and deliver district heating for some 183,000 customers of DONG Energy and electric power to the public grid.

Order entry date: 24.03.2015

As part of co-operation agreement (concluded late 2012) with the Indian company ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd., already 10 orders for Electrostatic Precipitators using the ENVIROTHERM technology have been received in the first 8 months of cooperation.

The Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP’s) are arranged downstream of power plant boilers consisting of pulverized coal fired boiler, circulating fluidized bed boilers, stationary (or atmospheric) fluidized bed boilers and travelling grate boilers, firing a variety of fuels like High Ash Indian Coal, High Moisture Imported Coal, petcoke and biomass.
The details of these ESP’s can be found in our reference list (see download area).

In coal fired power plant Yeosu the owner KOSEP Korea South-East Power Co. has received the Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and has granted the „Final Acceptance Certificate“. The project was realized and erected from our Korean licensee Jeongwoo Industrial Machine Co. Ltd (JIMC) in cooperation with ENVIROTHERM who was responsible for design and engineering.

The client KOSEP expressed his full satisfaction with the good technology as the ESP reduces the dust emissions to below 5 mg/Nm³. The boiler is firing hard coals coming from worldwide sources. In order to cope with various dust resistivities the ESP was designed in a compact design with 6 electrical fields.