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Delivery of complete plants

ENVIROTHERM designed and delivered complete flue gas cleaning plants fitted for incineration plants of its own design and for customer-defined processes.

In close cooperation solutions are developed and tailored to meet customer requirements in an optimum way as well as to keep mass flows and investment costs on a low level. In this respect, every flue gas cleaning stage is designated to ensure the precipitation of pollutants using the energy contained in the flue gas.


ENVIROTHERM offers catalytic (SCR) and non-catalytic (SNCR) processes for nitrogen oxide reduction in flue gases.

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ENVIROTHERM offers various technologies to ensure the precipitation of particles and aerosols. We have the capacity to resort to all proven filtration technologies.

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is our standard!

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015


DIN ISO 45001 : 2018